Crackk Experts Hose System

Crackk Experts hose system for construction joint sealing.


Crackk Expert Hose System


Perforated grouting hose.

For installing into the construction for easy additional sealing of the construction and dilatation joints of underground concrete constructions.

Technical data:

Colour: yellow
Outer Ø: 12 mm
Inner Ø: 6 mm
Max. length of grouting sector: 10 m
Perforation (axial cross): after 17 mm
Weight: 0,14 kg/common meter
Packing: 50 m (roll)
Reccomended grouting materials:
Special one-component PUR resins and gels.

Minimal pressures for output of grouting material:

grouting: 30 bars (3 MPa)
grouting: 50 bars (5 MPa)
grouting: 100 bars (10 MPa)
It is possible to produce IH 12/6 with exactly given sections of perforation and without perforation for the output of the grouting material exactly in place, where needed.





High-pressure extension hose 14/6 is used to join the grouting hose IH 12/6 and for leading out of the concrete structure. High-pressure extension hose ensures the transfer of injection material between the injection pump and grouting hose.

Technical data:

Colour: clear, transparent

Outer Ø: 14 mm

Inner Ø: 6 mm

Perforation (axial cross): without perforation

Packing: 20 m (roll)

Max. working pressure: 110 Bar (at 20°C)







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