Building cracks are the most common problem that can be seen in any type of building. Everyone loves to have a structurally safe and beautiful house but it is not so easy to have such a house. Each and every building has to face many problems such as natural calamity, soil failure, improper design, construction faults, and inadequate joints and these problems are the reasons for cracks on the building. This is not possible to prevent cracks in concrete entirely but with the use of adequate material, the technique of construction, and specific design criteria, cracks can be controlled.

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Smaller Building Cracks:

Smaller cracks are not as a big problem as larger ones. Small hairline cracks in your building won’t become a problem unless they start to expand. If you don’t understand the hairline crack, just take a pen or pencil and draw a line on the paper. A hairline crack can’t be bigger than the width of a regular pencil line. But on timely identification of these cracks is essential because they can get bigger. After identification, it is also important to adopt prevention measures for the building cracks.

If your building has structural reinforcing Rebar that is installed with footings and the building foundation slab itself, then these small cracks won’t get larger. The rebar gives strength to the foundation of the home and holds these areas together.

Larger Building Cracks:

Larger cracks in the building foundation can be a big problem. Whenever you find a crack in your building, just evaluate the size of that crack and make sure that they are not getting bigger. To check the size of the crack you can do one thing, just take a picture of the crack and then take pictures regularly and can compare the old picture to the new one. It can be a good idea to measure the cracks through pictures.

You can see foundation cracks in home construction, if the cracks are small then you don’t need to worry. But if the cracks are big or wider than a quarter of an inch, then you could have a problem. Cracks that are wider than a half-inch can generate a serious problem. You can face serious problems because of active cracks, so they need special take care. To have a safe building, it is also important to understand the patterns and the types of cracks and their causes too. You need to take preventive measures to control the cracks.

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